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Increase employee perks and incentives at your business, and you’ll see an immediate boost in team engagement. Tesla is one business that does this well; among employers in its sector, it offers some of the most sought-after benefits and perks to employees. 

The business offers a variety of benefits related to employees’ social, emotional, financial, and physical wellbeing in order to draw in and keep top talent. Around 110,000 individuals work at Tesla worldwide, many of whom are highly qualified specialists. The electric motor firm places a significant priority on retaining their happiness and motivation. 

Employees at Tesla have given the company a 3.6-star rating on Glassdoor and praised its benefits and positive work atmosphere. But what benefits does Tesla offer its employees, and is Tesla really the most desirable employer in the tech sector? To give you a thorough account of what it’s like to work at Tesla, we’ve produced a list of advantages and examined the company’s workplace. 

Average Salary, Benefits, and Perks at Tesla 

The pay and benefits packages offered by Tesla are a key factor in luring and keeping personnel. Tesla employs around 99,000 people, all of whom are experts in their specialties, according to Statista. Since 2010, Tesla’s employment has more than multiplied one hundred-fold, and it appears to be continuing the pattern of rapid growth. 

Tesla offers high compensation and employee benefit packages to entice and retain top tech sector professionals because appealing employee benefits and incentives are necessary to recruit top talent. A summary of Tesla’s pay and perks is provided below. 

Tesla PayScale 

According to PayScale, the typical income for Tesla employees is $102,000. Individual Tesla salaries, however, vary based on the position and job description. For instance, a software engineer at Tesla makes roughly $115,661 per year, compared to a process engineer’s annual salary of about $87,268. 

Tesla employee salaries are competitive and frequently include raises and bonuses in addition to a wide range of benefits and perks, despite the fact that employee reviews do not place Tesla among the best-paying businesses. The top six perks and advantages offered to Tesla employees are discussed below. 

 Top Tesla Employee Perks & Benefits to Motivate Your Offer 

  1. Employee discounts for Tesla items and merchandise

Tesla gives staff members discounts of up to 35% on their products and a variety of services, including as daycare, entertainment, and travel. 

Even among staff, there is a strong demand for Tesla products. In 2019, Tesla opened employee-only pop-up stores at its Nevada Gigafactory to lessen the impact of nationwide layoffs and retail closures. This was referred to as “Merch Madness.” Company clothing and other goods sold out quite quickly. 

Many people wonder if Tesla employees receive a discount on Tesla vehicles or if they are given vehicles as part of the hiring process. No is the short answer. That Tesla Channel claims that employees are occasionally given the option to drive a business car for personal use or to share among a group of coworkers. 

Additionally, they provide limited-time referral programmes with bonuses for purchases, such free supercharging for life. 

  1. Excellent disability coverage

Tesla provides great employee disability insurance. This covers long-term disability, under which the employer will contribute 60% of the employee’s wage should the worker become unable owing to a medical condition. $5,000 is the maximum benefit. 

Tesla will compensate 66.7% of the worker’s income for up to 17 weeks in the event of a short-term disability. The weekly cap in this case is $1,000. 

Naturally, the business has strict safety guidelines to guard against accidents before they happen. The blog for the company was written by Laurie Shelby, Vice President of EHS at Tesla, under the heading “Becoming the Safest Car Factory in the World.” She describes Tesla’s attempts to improve worker comfort and safety in the manufacturing. 

  1. Excellent instruction

Tesla has high expectations for its employees because it occupies a unique position at the intersection of the automotive, clean energy, and technology industries. That learning and development are among the top benefits offered to Tesla employees is not surprising. Elon Musk reportedly remarked during the company’s 2017 third-quarter earnings call, “Therefore, the little guy needs to be much more skilled. That is why we have high standards. They are high because we will perish if they are not.” 

The business established the Tesla Learning Center in Fremont, California, to retain staff members at the top of their game with cutting-edge technological abilities. Workers at this highly specialized vehicle factory receive ongoing training in the most recent technologies. 

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  1. Detailed medical care and insurance.

Benefits for Tesla employees include complete health coverage. The business provides coverage for fundamental medical care, prescription drugs, and medical equipment and services. 

Benefits also include Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, which entitles recipients to a lump-sum payment equal to two years’ worth of wages. 

  1. Economic advantages

After receiving their first paycheck, Tesla employees can enroll in the company’s 401K programme. They also receive an additional $1,000,00 in benefits, including Life Insurance. 

Employees can receive 15% discounts on Tesla stocks twice a year during designated purchase periods under the company’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). 



  1. Health and vacation benefits

Parental leave is one of the top perks offered to Tesla employees. For new parents, the corporation provides a total of 12 weeks of maternity leave and 7 weeks of paternity leave. Additionally, it offers fitness benefits like courses and an on-site gym. 

Tesla is one of hundreds of major tech businesses that provide salaried staff with unlimited vacation days when it comes to PTO (Paid-Time-Off). Employers are not required to pay out excess vacation time because workers cannot accrue it. The precise amount of time off must be discussed and agreed upon with the employees’ managers. 

Unlimited vacation time is proven to be advantageous for businesses looking to hire younger workers who value greater freedom. Additionally, it is rarely misused; the 1% of businesses that have tried it out report increased team trust and accountability. Giving employees more independence makes them happier and more productive. As a result, it’s a great benefit for the organisation as well as the personnel. 

Final Reflections 

The employee perks and benefits that Tesla provides are on par with those of some of its largest tech competitors, such as Facebook, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Visa, and Google. 

It’s crucial to take advice from leading businesses and provide excellent perks to your staff if you want to maintain your competitive edge and keep your finest employees. This demonstrates how much you appreciate them and their wellbeing as a business. 


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