When there is a better way to clean yourself, why use toilet paper? Of course, we’re referring to bidets. Today, we’ll examine the top products for turning your toilet into a bidet. All of these suggestions have been put to the test by us personally, so you can buy with confidence. 

 What is a Bidet Converter Kit? 

Let’s answer one of the most frequently asked questions: “What is a bidet and why should I use one?” 

 Wonderful query! 

A bidet is a toiletry that uses a stream of water to clean your privates. Compared to using toilet paper to wipe, it is considerably cleaner, kinder, and more comfortable. The nicest feature is that anyone can use one! 

So, when might you make use of a bidet? 

  • Bidets are excellent for cleaning yourself after urinating or pooping, menstruating, giving birth, or engaging in sexual activity. 
  • They alleviate constipation, calm sore spots, and aid in the healing of fissures and hemorrhoids. They come in particularly handy when wiping is difficult due to restricted mobility or dexterity. 
  • Additionally, they are environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for toilet paper, saving you money while also saving the earth! 

Let’s talk about some quick and simple ways to turn your toilet into a bidet now that the fundamentals have been covered: 

  1.  Your toilet’s bowl and seat can fit attachments. They are extremely cheap and don’t require energy to operate, despite the fact that they don’t have many features. 
  1. Budget-friendly non-electric bidet seats can be used in place of your current toilet seat and are powered by the water pressure in your house. 
  1. Electric bidet seats come with a ton of comfort and convenience features, but they also require a GFCI outlet. They make it simple to convert your toilet into a high-end, luxurious bidet. 


One more bidet we should highlight is hand-held sprayers. They mount just next to your toilet but don’t actually attach to it. When you direct it at your privates and press the button, they operate similarly to a sink sprayer. You are washed off with a spray of fresh water. 

What Kinds of Bidets Are There? 

You should also be aware that installing a bidet instead of your current toilet is not your only choice. A toilet and bidet combination might be a good choice if you’re remodeling your bathroom: 

  •  High-end toilets with built-in bidets are known as bidet toilets. They frequently have a very sleek appearance and are loaded with opulent amenities. 
  • The toilet and separate bidet seat that are included with WASHLET+ systems are made especially for one another. Instead of having to stare at the wires and water hoses of the bidet, WASHLET+ toilets conceal them. 

For people who want to wash with water while travelling, travel bidets are also becoming increasingly popular. They are small enough to fit in a purse or bag and range from basic squeeze bottles to battery-operated ones. 

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The top bidet accessory for 2022 is: 

 Most are of poor quality, leak, and don’t offer an especially cozy wash. 

 What else about attachments do you need to know? 

Many only attach to the cold-water pipe in your home, so if you live in a cold region, you can be in for a really chilly cleanse. 

 Some attachments provide warm water washing, but you must run a hose from your toilet to the warm water pipe underneath your bathroom sink to use this feature. This may be more difficult depending on how your bathroom is set up. 

The Top 4 Bidet Converter Kits of 2022:  

Without further ado, let’s look at the greatest alternatives for converting your toilet into a bidet! 

 There is some good news, though! One bidet accessory, the Go Bidet, is far and away the best of the bunch. 

  •  First off, the Go Bidet is constructed of metal, making it much more durable than the typical plastic attachment. 
  • It’s also less prone to harbor germs thanks to the metal construction than a porous, plastic model. 
  • It effectively gets you clean because of its large wash stream. 
  • Many RV toilets are compatible with the GoBidet, as are the majority of toilets. 
  • There are versions of it for both warm and cold water. 
  • While there have been some allegations of leaking, the GoBidet has received far less complaints than other widely used attachments on the market. 

It’s true that the GoBidet costs a little bit more than some of the available accessories. But after witnessing so many attachments fail, the GoBidet’s toughness and superior functionality make it worthwhile to spend a little bit more. 

Another important GoBidet aspect is that it has a lifetime warranty. In the realm of attachments, that is essentially unheard of! 

The average guarantee for an attachment is one year, and they frequently break. The GoBidet quickly becomes the more affordable choice if you have to change your attachment every couple of years. 

Sani wise Elongated Bidet Seat: Best Non-Electric Bidet Conversion Kit 

Hesitant to make a bidet purchase? no issues! In order to test the waters, the Sani wise is the ideal bidet seat. We’re very thrilled about it for a number of reasons: 

 It’s really inexpensive for a bidet, coming in at only $50! Even many attachments and sprayers are more expensive than this. 

 But wait, do you say, “does inexpensive mean inferior?” 


 A lot of the other non-electric bidets on the market are lower quality than the Saniwise because it is built of sturdy polypropylene plastic even more spacious than some of the most expensive bidets we provide. 

Last but not least, the Saniwise blends into your bathroom better than an attachment or a sprayer because of its slender design, which makes it resemble a typical toilet seat. 

 Just remember that the Saniwise is a non-electric bidet and that it only connects to the cold-water supply in your bathroom. This indicates that only cool or cold water will be used to wash you off (depending on the temperature of your pipes). 

In other words, if you’re hoping for a relaxing, hot shower, a bidet isn’t for you. 

 Second, as it is only available in an elongated seat size, a round toilet will not accommodate it. Additionally, if you want a bidet that provides you a lot of flexibility over You should use an electric bidet instead of the Saniwise for the wash settings. 

But the Saniwise is a great option if you’re looking for a straightforward, attractive bidet seat that works well without costing a fortune! 

Eco Nova Bidet Seat is the best electric bidet conversion kit. 

  • There are three wash modes—front, rear, and turbo—that will get you clean no matter the filth. 
  • chilly washing water? Never! For a calming, pleasant clean, warm wash water is produced on demand by the Eco Nova’s quick water heater. Additionally, you can customize the wash with the adjustable position, temperature, and pressure settings to feel exactly right every time. 
  • You can activate the Eco Nova’s nozzle oscillation or pulse spray if you want a little extra. The oscillation feature propels the spray forward and backward for improved coverage, and the pulse mode changes the water’s temperature, which is ideal for relieving hemorrhoids or encouraging bowel movement. 
  • There is no need for toilet paper because the built-in warm air dryer takes care of drying you off. 
  • The Eco Nova is one of the strongest bidet seats on the market, supporting up to 400 lbs and being made of sturdy polypropylene. And unlike most other bidets, you may sit on the lid! 
  • When it gets dark in the bathroom, the bowl night light automatically goes on and casts a soft glow over the toilet. 
  • The roomy, heated seat wraps a soothing arm over your behind. 
  • Eco Nova Bidet Seat Eco Nova Open Lid 
  • $699.00 
  • Rated 4.33 stars 
  • The Eco Nova’s sterilizing mechanism allays your concerns regarding the cleanliness of bidets. It sprays a sanitizing gas through the nozzles. UV light for optimal protection before and after each wash. Additionally, an anti-microbial solution is applied to the interior of the Eco Nova to keep everything sanitary from the inside out. 

Using a radio signal, a wireless remote control is used to operate the Eco Nova (instead of infrared). 

 Why is that relevant? 

 Small bathrooms or bathrooms with dark walls may cause infrared remotes to misfire, however the Eco Nova’s radio signal remote operates flawlessly in any bathroom. It even penetrates walls, which is fantastic if you’re using it to assist a loved one who needs assistance. 

 There’s more fantastic news to share! 

 Eco Nova’s side view 

The sleek form of Eco Nova looks wonderful in any bathroom. 

Our 30-day no-risk trial period is valid for the Eco Nova. Install it, give it a try, and if you’re not satisfied, send it back to us within 30 days for a full refund (we’ll even cover the shipping). 

However, don’t plan on returning it… Almost every buyer of the Eco Nova has expressed their enthusiasm for it. We predict that you will as well! 

Bio Bidet BB-1000 is the best affordable electric bidet conversion kit. 

Budget constraints shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a wonderful cleansing for your buttocks. For our budget-conscious consumers, the Bio Bidet BB-1000 is one of our favorite electric bidet seats. 

 However, we don’t just suggest the BB-1000 because of its low price. It’s also a wise move: 

  •  If you experience persistent constipation 
  • Choose a powerful wash stream 
  • I require a bidet that can hold 400 pounds or more. 
  • A restroom with a rounded toilet seat 
  • Choosing a remote-controlled bidet over one with a control panel 

Here are some reasons the BB-1000 is an excellent choice in any of these circumstances: 

Enema Cleaning 

A unique feature known as “enema wash” is offered by a select few bidet converter kits. This additional setting, which is available in addition to the front and rear wash modes, is intended to dislodge tough, backed-up stools. 

 The BB-1000 and BB-1000 Supreme (Bidet Seat) 

Product for sale: SALE 

$399.00 – $498.00 

4.93 stars out of 5 


Compared to a standard back wash, the enema wash stream is firmer and narrower. As a result, some water can enter the rectum and rehydrate the faeces, making them easier to pass. By activating the muscles that aid in urination, it also accelerates your body’s natural dumping process. 

 Don’t be alarmed if all of that sounds a little…invasive! You might not believe it’s as horrible as it is. 

The enema wash, in the opinion of our staff, feels very much like a traditional enema, except much more private and with a lot less bother (and mess!). The most important thing to keep in mind is to “align up” before beginning the enema so that the spray strikes your bum-hole and not the delicate area nearby. 

Which Toilet Type Suits a Bidet Converter Kit the Best? 

Almost every one- or two-piece toilet can be equipped with a bidet. This rule does have one significant exception: toilets with a French curvature. 

 French curve toilets have an elegant arc where the tank meets the bowl rather than a right angle. It is difficult to add a bidet converter kit because of this arc. 

 You might be able to attach a bidet attachment or some bidet seats to a French curve toilet, depending on the type. If you suspect your toilet might feature French curves, get in touch with us because our crew is knowledgeable about the bidets that will and won’t function on one of these unique toilets. 

 You don’t have as many options if you’re working with a smaller-than-average toilet, like an RV toilet. Several bidet seats are compatible with some RV toilets, but the GoBidet adapter is probably your best option. 

 You shouldn’t ignore this crucial step if you’re buying a bidet seat: measure your toilet bowl! It will ensure that you get a bidet seat that fits properly if you are aware of whether your toilet bowl is round or elongated. 

Wrapping Up 

Why wait any longer to convert your toilet into a bidet when washing off beats wiping for so many reasons? We have the greatest products and comprehensive, knowledgeable assistance to help you achieve your goals. Every step of the process, our team of bidet experts is by your side. Here is how to contact us: 

Never use a bot for live chats—always a real person! 

Contact information: 248-974-4030, Support@ManyBidets.com 

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