Mi Drop (ShareMe) for PC – Windows 7/8/10 & MAC 

 Users can share and transfer files with ease using this Xiaomi Inc. application. Large files and games can be shared without an internet connection. Users all over the world have downloaded the app more than 500 million times. 


  • Users of this programme can share and transfer any type of file with ease. Images, films, music, files, and so much more can be shared at any moment between devices. 
  • It is possible to share files with others without an internet connection. To transfer and share files, you don’t require a network of any type or mobile data. 
  • The files can be transferred at a very quick rate. Compared to Bluetooth, it is 200 times faster. 
  • You can easily download the software and utilize it on your device because Mi Drop works with all Android devices. 
  • The programme offers a simple, intuitive interface that makes it simple for users to move around it and send files quickly without having to deal with any issues. To make the files easier to search and exchange, they might be organised into categories. 
  • Any transfers that were interrupted can be quickly restarted or resumed with a single tap and without any fuss. 
  • It is one of the few programmes that enables file transmission without the use of annoying pop-up ads. 
  • No matter how big or enormous the files are, users can transmit and transfer them with ease. Every type of photographs, movies, music, and programmes may be shared with ease, and the file sizes are limitless. 
  • The software supports a variety of languages in order to meet the demands of users worldwide. 

Download Mi Drop for Windows PC: 

  1. Installing the programme is simple if you first download an emulator for your Windows PC. Download Mi Drop for Windows PC. An emulator is a piece of hardware or software that enables a computer programme or system to mimic another one. 
  2. The BlueStacks Emulator, one of the greatest solutions for a Windows PC, will need to be downloaded. By clicking on the download link that is provided on the official website, it is simple to download the most recent version of BlueStacks.
  3. You must run the emulator and log in using your Google account on your computer after downloading it. 
  4. After logging in, visit the Play Store to start downloading a tonne of apps for your PC. Looking for Mi Place the navigation bar there. 
  5. Click the application and select “install” once the results page has loaded and appeared. 
  6. Once the software has been installed on your Desktop, wait for the installation procedure to be finished before using it. 

Install Mi Drop on a Mac or PC. 

  1.   The Nox Player Emulator is the best emulator that can be downloaded for a Mac. By visiting the official website and clicking on the download link for the most recent version, you can easily download this emulator. 
  2. Installing apps on your Mac requires signing in with your Google ID after the emulator has been downloaded. 
  3. Visit the PlayStore and use the provided search box to look up “Mi Drop.” 
  4. Wait for the results page to load, and when it does, click the app to install it. 
  5. You can launch the application and begin using it on your Mac once installation is complete. 

Other Alternative Applications


  • Inshot Inc. developed this app. It was published in 2019 and has received over 10 million downloads. 
  • Users can share and transfer files fast and for no charge thanks to this software. 
  • With this programme, sharing all kinds of files is simple. 
  • Users don’t even need to be connected to the internet to transfer files because they can do so offline. 
  • The programme can be used by users from all around the world because it supports more than 30 different languages. 
  • Transfers between platforms are also possible. 


  • A programme called EasyShare has been downloaded more than 50 million times. It was published in 2016 by Vivo Communication Technologies Co. Ltd. 
  • The files can be shared and transferred at a rate of up to 40 Mb per second. 
  •  With this programme, sharing and file transfers can be done without an internet connection. 
  • There are no restrictions on the size of the files that can be transferred. 


Shalltry Group’s XShare app has been downloaded more than 10 million times by consumers. XShare was made available in 2016. 

Users of the software can quickly and conveniently transmit data at a very high speed of up to 50 Mb per second. 

Transfers that have been paused can be started again at any time. 

To transfer and distribute data, no network is required. 

Users can safely share files thanks to this app’s high level of security. 

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