Chrome addons for SEO might make your work more efficient. 

14 of the most helpful free extensions for Chrome that I tested out are included in this article. 

What is SEO? 

The method of ranking a website on search engines to make it more visible when users look for pertinent keywords and queries is known as search engine optimization. 

The amount of organic traffic a site receives will start to increase as its rating rises for a variety of keywords. Organic traffic, as opposed to sponsored advertisements, originates from Google’s natural listings. In order to get your website to appear in the SERPs (search engine results pages), you need to perform the following, which is why we’ve broken them down in our “What is SEO?” guide: 

1.META SEO Inspector  

With the help of this plugin, you may examine the meta data on websites, identify problems, and receive assistance in fixing them. It covers hreflang, sub headers, structured data, canonicals, Open Graph tags, meta tags, and more. 

Advanced information about the internal and external scripts utilised on the page is also provided. 

2.Hreflang Tag Checker  

Hreflang Tag Checker does more than only list a page’s hreflang data, in contrast to many other extensions. In order to determine whether they connect back to the page you’re visiting; it actually crawls the links in hreflang tags. 


The application known as TextOptimizer bills itself as a writing help. In order to propose other words, you could use in your material “to better fit search engines’ expectations,” it examines search results for pertinent terms and produces “intent tables.” 

  4.Keyword Explorator

For a free tool, this extension offers a lot of information: Keyword search volumes, keyword suggestions, and domain-level traffic estimates are all displayed directly on Google’s SERPs. 

The “Outline Generator” tool was recently added. With only one click, this function analyses the top search results and generates an article outline. 

Although there are plenty of expensive solutions for optimising content, TextOptimizer works well for free.

5.SEO Minion

One of the SEO toolboxes includes the SEO Minion addon. You can verify on-page SEO information, highlight outgoing connections, and look for broken links on pages. 

The export of the multilayer “People Also Ask” question from the SERP is possibly its best feature. As a result, you will have access to similar long-tail inquiries that you may use as inspiration for new content.

6.Simulator for SEO

This extension allows you to simulate Google searches from anywhere and determine whether a specific URL appears in the top 100 results. This will enable you to see how a query’s ranks change across the globe. 

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7.Link Redirect Tracking  

All URLs in a chain of redirects, including 301, 302, and JavaScript redirects, are found by Link Redirect Trace. 

Additionally, it offers some free page-level metrics from Link Research Tools.


Google Trends is converted into a keyword research tool via the Glimpse Chrome addon. With keyword search volumes, long-tail keyword suggestions, and a topic map, it enhances Google Trends data. 

You should be aware that the free edition only permits 10 searches per month. A premium subscription is also required for in-depth keyword research.

9.Check Out the Source

Those who work with websites that use JavaScript should have this tool. 

It contrasts the rendered page’s code with the original. Additionally, SEOs can determine whether JavaScript replaces canonical tags, titles, or descriptions. 

10.Comparable web

You can check projected traffic, traffic sources, visitor geography, and other important information for any website with Similar web for Chrome. 

This addon is helpful for analyzing your competition and assessing link prospects. 

11. Hunter 

This Hunter plugin locates email addresses linked to the website you’re visiting. Each month, you are given 50 free credits. A Google Sheets add-on is also available for quick bulk checking.


Gmass is a capable and portable tool for managing outreach initiatives. It requires no additional resources and integrates directly into Gmail. 

You may use it to measure email opens, send mail merges using Google Sheets, schedule emails, and construct email sequences.

13.Data Scraper

You may use Data Scraper to extract different types of data from any webpage and save it to a spreadsheet. 

You can design personalized scraping “recipes” to suit your requirements, extract tables and lists, and get paginated results. 

14.A toolbar for SEO by Ahref 

Many other Chrome SEO plugins can be readily replaced by our very own toolbar. 

On-page SEO report, redirects tracer, HTTP headers reader, link checker/highlighter, and search location simulator are some of the services it provides. 

last thoughts 

Many Chrome extensions provide the functions of online SEO tools and services directly within your browser. I’m hoping this post will assist you in locating one or more extensions that can significantly increase your productivity and save you a lot of time. 

Just be aware that utilising too many browser extensions may cause your computer to run slowly, so pick them carefully. 

 You can always establish numerous user profiles if you utilise a lot of extensions for various purposes. 

Once installed, you can switch between each profile’s extensions as necessary. 

For the URLs they visit as well as for search results, Ahrefs users now receive page, domain, and keyword data. Additionally, this plugin makes it simple to transmit URLs to reports for Link Intersect and Content Gap. To keep your extensions nice and organised, you may also utilise the One Click Extensions Manager. 

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